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/ Cargo storage services for the delivery or subsequent transportation

Cargo storage services for the delivery or subsequent transportation

AGENTSTVO AVIAFRAKHT PLUS LLC Offers a Range of Storage Services Including the Temporary Storage of the Clients’ Cargo

You can be sure of your cargo’s safety while waiting for the next shipment or transportation by a vehicle. Our specialists are ready to provide all the information on your cargo at any time in the form of reports on its current location and integrity.

We have our own class D warehouse at Sheremetyevo airport, fitted with modern equipment and the professional Warehouse Management System.

The List of Our Storage Services:

Cargo Receiving:

  • Integrity check;
  • Allocation of warehouse space with the subsequent placement;
  • Compiling reports.

Warehouse Storage:

  • Storage on shelves and racks;
  • Storage of large-size packages;
  • Special conditions for hazardous freight;
  • Storage of valuables and expensive equipment;
  • Expiration date control;
  • Stocktaking.

Returns Management:

  • Collection;
  • Packaging and labeling;
  • Preparing for exporting;
  • Exporting.


  • Collection, packaging, labeling;
  • Accounting;
  • Delivery in Moscow and the region;
  • Next day delivery;
  • Same day delivery;
  • Delivery by date;
  • Round-the-clock delivery.

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