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/ Railway cargo transportation throughout Russia

Railway cargo transportation throughout Russia

AGENTSTVO AVIAFRAKGHT PLUS LLC Has Direct Contracts With RZD JSC, Which Allows to Charge Transportation at the Most Advantageous Rates

Geography:We carry out railway cargo transportation almost throughout Russia’s territory.
Rates: The cost of railway cargo transportation is determined individually. It depends on the volume and direction.

As a rule, the transportation rate is determined by:

  • The cost of the road cargo transportation to the dispatching station,
  • The payment for its movement by the railway itself to the place of destination,
  • The container or rolling stock renting cost,
  • Handling charges,
  • The cost of additional sea transportation (in the case of a multimodal delivery), etc.

Our manager will be able to conduct exact calculation for you after:

  • The analysis of the received order;
  • Considering the specifics of a particular delivery;
  • Taking into account special requirements;
  • Considering a request for additional services.

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