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Air cargo transportation in Russia, fast air delivery from Moscow to the regions


Air transportation is the fastest, most convenient, and at times the only possible way to deliver cargo. Moreover, no other type of cargo transportation can compare with the air one in terms of reliability and efficiency. That’s why we in Agentstvo Aviafrakth Plus LLC offer air cargo transportation in Russia as one of the main services — it is the most rapid cargo delivery to any of the cities of our country.

Based on the existing requirements and conditions of delivery, the specialists from the Agentstvo Aviafrakht Plus will offer you the optimal solution for sending cargo. As a rule, the decisive factor for companies that prefer air transportation in Russia to any other means of transport is a high delivery speed. If the terms are quite short, we offer cargo transportation with door-to-door delivery as one of the ways to solve the problem. We will provide air transportation in Russia in compliance with the required temperature conditions as well as the delivery of heavy or hazardous freight.

In the event that you need to ensure prompt air transportation at quite favorable rates, we are ready to take on the delivery of any cargo, regardless of its weight, volume, and distance from the destination. To order air cargo transportation in Russia, you can fill out a form on our website, contact our managers by phone, or visit our office. All the necessary information is provided in the Contacts section.

For companies wishing to order air cargo transportation, we offer a whole range of related services. These include picking up cargo for transportation from anywhere in Moscow and the Moscow region with subsequent air transportation and door-to-door delivery. Besides, the cargo will be monitored throughout the entire route.

Why Air Cargo Transportation in Russia?

Since the first half of the twentieth century, along with a significant increase in the trade volume, there has been a need for new, rapid means of delivery. The perfect solution came in the form of air transportation, which allows one to guarantee cargo delivery to anywhere in the world in just a few hours. That is why air cargo transportation, including air transportation in Russia, is one of the most popular and unrivaled delivery means.

What Services Does Agentstvo Aviafrakht Plus Offer?

Thanks to the long-term experience in the field of air cargo transportation, partnership with numerous leading Russian and foreign companies — SuperJet International, TNT Express, Rosoboronexport, and many other major companies operating in the Russian market, we can guarantee our clients the following:

  • A wide range of transportation services;
  • Fast and reliable air cargo transportation in Russia;
  • Flexible pricing.

The departure point of air cargo transportation in Russia can be any airport of the Moscow air hub. We will provide you with all the necessary information on air transportation for the correct calculation of the shipment’s cost and terms. Besides, we are always ready to offer the most advantageous option for transporting your cargo.

In the event that you do not have the time or possibility to deliver cargo to a warehouse or to an airport, Agentstvo Aviafrakth Plus offers door-to-door service. We accept the cargo from the client, professionally pack it, and ensure delivery to the airport by our own vehicles for subsequent air transportation. For companies from other cities, we offer a service for receiving goods from Moscow suppliers with the following air transportation to your city.

Air Cargo Transportation in Russia With Aviafrakht Plus: The Ten Benefits of Such a Solution

  1. The urgency of air transportation. We do not keep your cargo in consolidation warehouses. The main task that our managers successfully solve is to ensure air cargo transportation in Russia or to foreign countries by the earliest flight possible. And we successfully solve this task since it is air cargo transportation that constitutes our main specialization.
  2. Air cargo transportation in Russia by all the leading airlines. A huge number of partner agreements with almost all the leading air carriers allows us to send cargo on time even in the most difficult circumstances. We are not dependent just on a single airline with its problems.
  3. Highly-regarded reputation. Many companies become our clients basing on a recommendation. And this is no accident. The success of any air cargo transportation, including air transportation in Russia, depends on the efficiency and authority of an agent company. For the fastest providing of air transportation, we have guaranteed quotas and agency agreements, and our representatives work at airports round-the-clock.
  4. A wide range of air cargo transportation services. If you need air transportation in Russia of any freight, including dangerous, you can expect their quickest shipping and delivery as well as on receiving of the consulting services on their specifications. Agentstvo Aviafrakht Plus LLC has a license for handling and transportation of hazardous freight.
  5. Cargo storage. Our company does not have to resort to cargo consolidation. We ensure air cargo transportation by the earliest flight possible. But if necessary, we can provide our own warehouse for storage and vehicles for cargo delivery to the airport.
  6. The exhaustive information. Working with us, you can always count on the fact that you will receive full information and, if necessary, the qualified help of our managers for the correct calculation of the shipment’s cost and terms.
  7. The presence of our own vehicle fleet with experienced drivers, as well as a team of specialists in the packaging of various, even hazardous goods. This allows us to accept your cargo as quickly as possible, deliver it to our warehouse, pack it, and ensure the shipment.
  8. The wide geographic scope of our activities with the presence of offices and partners in all regions of Russia. This allows us to provide door-to-door air cargo transportation in Russia.
  9. Customs clearance. Air transportation in Russia is not the only direction of our activity. We will ensure cargo delivery to numerous near and distant foreign countries and, if necessary, will assist in the customs clearance.
  10. Agentstvo Aviafrakht Plus LLC is a part of the well-known Alfa Group holding, which constitutes additional evidence of the high-class character of our company.

So, if you need urgent air cargo transportation in Russia and high-quality services, we invite you to join our clients. We are sure that you will not be disappointed in your decision and will recommend us to your friends and business partners.

The Cost of Air Cargo Transportation in Russia

Agentstvo Aviafrakht Plus LLC adopts both flexible and open pricing policy. This means that we do not have any hidden fees, and our clients know exactly how much money will be required for the air cargo transportation. So that you can always get the necessary information, there is the Rates section on our website. Besides, we always have interesting and advantageous offers for certain air transportation destinations in Russia that you can find on our website.

Our company highly values the precious time of its current and potential clients. Therefore, we try to provide all the necessary information for you to make a well-thought-out and reasonable decision.